We all hate criticism when it is directed towards us. no one likes being criticized, it can feel embarrassing, degrading.  We hate it, yet all the same we all can dish it well without care or remorse. Criticism can cause some people to become aggressive and lash out in anger or become passive and withdraw. Often times criticism or rather the fear of criticism can be one of the causes of stagnation and failure. We let the words of strangers, friends and family, either well-meaning or mean-spirited control our thoughts actions and our lives and stunt our completely stop our growth.

What is Criticism?

Criticism – the  judging  evaluating and picking apart of someone or something, it is pretty much a fault finding exercise. Most times criticism is intended to hurt and destroy, people will criticize you because of jealousy of you and what you have or what they think you have; or because they don’t understand you or what you are doing, or because they just don’t like you.

At other times Criticism is intended, to be helpful and constructive. This type of criticism usual come from well-meaning individuals, who want to see you improve and grow.

And sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

We Can Benefit From Criticism

A lot can be learned and gained from criticism. No matter who or where the criticism is coming from, if we receive it without letting it affect our emotions, if we forget the faces or faces that it is coming from and see it as a chance to further improve.

Finding fault is not so much a bad thing, what we do not see is the value that it offers, every criticism may tell us one more thing we may be doing wrong.

No matter what the intention of those making the criticism, criticism can and will make us stronger.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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