The Toil Of Success

Success in the mind is instant, it is grand and everything you want.  In reality it is a labor, it is time-consuming, it seem to take an eternity to be seen. The vision at times seem still, and at times it seem distant and evanescent. 

Your time of achievement your day of greatness starts as nothing.  It starts as an idea and it can die as easily as it starts.  For an idea to take its breath in reality it needs more than the beautiful powerful imagination that created it.  It needs the originator of it to do the necessary work even going to extraordinary lengths.

If you got what it takes, if you are will to live, to breathe, if you are will to work for it; then you shall have it. When that idea, the dream is birthed, it will be more grand than you ever thought possible.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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