And The World Will Know Your Name

Give them something new, give them something better; make it big, make it larger that life, make it amazing.  Give them something that they won’t believe, create something they could have never conceive, give them something they want, something they need but never knew it.

Tell them the truth, tell them something new, of things untold. Unravel the mysteries. Teach them a new way, give them a path to a vision to something better to somewhere no one has ever been.

Give them faith in humanity; give them life, show them love make their lives easier, make their lives better, make them happy.

Find solutions to their problems. Find a cure and save them, save them from death, save them from danger, save them from themselves.

And theyhey will all come to you, and the world will know your name.


One thought on “And The World Will Know Your Name

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