No More

mountain-298999_640Life happens the day-to-day and year-to-year; the what we want, or not want, it all happens.  For most of us, we live on the superstition of luck, we allow life, our lives to happen on a whim without order or purpose.  So we meander, allowing our lives to shift, slide and spiral out of control, or simply just go adrift.  We are existing, never realizing  we can have it all, and the way we want it, by our own hand, our own master plan. We must make the decision, to stop the slide, the chronic spiraling and drifting that has come to be our lives. It stops now! it stops here and no further, It is time to put an end to self-defeat.  You’ve got to say no more to the things that do not serve our interest:

No more relying on luck.

No more of the laziness.

No more of indecision. 

No more of the failure.

No more self-pity.

No more of useless worrying.

No more wishing and wanting and hoping.

No more waiting, waiting for signs or for the right time.

No more living for the eyes or in the shadow of others.

No more of living life without a purpose, or without direction.

You’ve got to move on and into light, you’ve got to fight when necessary, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty. you must understand that the things you want and value, the things of greatness and of great worth is not going to be handed to you, no, it’s not that easy, it doesn’t work that way.  You’ve got to work till your hands bleed, until your breathless and weak and then you have to work some more. But if it is really worth it, if you really want it, if your destiny is chosen; then take it, take the tears, take the pain suffer for it.  Then take that moment of exhilaration, that comes only with triumph.


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