6 Reasons Why You Need Affirmation

AffirmAffirmation is a way of speaking and thinking your way to change and success, it is also a form of self-support and backup in times of doubt and fear.  For all who are looking for success and especially those who have experience chronic failure, and those who find it hard to stay focus, and for those of us who are just lazy, affirmation is a must.  Affirmation is to you speak with conviction into depths of your subconscious to the places where all the programing you’ve picked up along the way, the good the bad, the useful and the useless are all stored and acted upon.

What it is about, is laying of new tracks of positive useful programing, all in an effort to propel us to success in any endeavor.  The simple act of repeating a few words or lines,  whether to self or out loud with faith and strong desire can change a person, or the course of a person’s life. Affirmation is a process, it is a lifestyle change, it requires effort it and persistence and over time you will see results.

6 Reasons Why You Need Affirmation

Reprogramming the mind: Affirmation can be used to reprogram the mind from negative to positive, from one of failure conscience to one success conscious.

Boosting self faith: It can be used in giving that much-needed boost in self confidence and promoting a “I can” attitude.

Builds strength: When it seems impossible when no one believes in you, when they all say no; affirmation can keep you going.

Quells fears: It helps us look our fears in the face and push past them or banish them forever.

Habits: Affirmation can be used to rid yourself of bad habits and creating good habits. 

Mild OCD: Some of us who experience mild form of OCD, can experience relief using affirmation.


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