solitudeTime Well Spent

Solitude, time spent alone, it is not being lonely or being antisocial; it is being alone with a purpose and coming face to face with truth and reality. Solitude is you being confronted with your best-friend and worse enemy, yourself. You can see and experience the real you and not the appearance, not the societal expectation, the facade falls. There is no one, no crowds no audience no need to masquerade, it is just you ,nothing but you, raw, naked, vulnerable and expose. You stand in judgement of yourself.

A Journey Begins

It can be the begin of the journey into self, a journey of self discovery,  discovering  your strengths, your passion the genius that slumbers, it is a journey of you finding your place in this world.  Knowing who and what we are and where we are going builds a strength and determination that will not break, it will stand firm against all opposition, anything and all that will come against us. We are better able to weather the storms of life, not only will we survive we will thrive we will be victorious.

Alone with your thoughts, is a time tend wounds, a time to grieve, a time to heal.  It is a time and place to breathe, to exhale; to reflect on all that has passed, to learn, to forgive, to let go and move on.  It is the time and place to contemplate life and gain the value of pass experiences,  we can evaluate our every step and misstep thus far. Alone with nothing but our thoughts we can plan and plot a path to the future we’ve dreaming of, without the distractions, we can concentrate on our plans for the vision of the life we want, our plans can be crafted and can become more defined. The will, the drive, the audacity to succeed is affirmed.

In the quiet you are more aware and in tuned with self, you can hear your breath, you can hear your blood rush, you can hear your heart speaks, you can listen; as it tells why it beats,what you breathe for; your calling your desire is amplified and echoes in the stillness and it can not be ignored. It comes to you crisp and clear to all your senses. The voice of your destiny is made clear and is understood.  It is there in the quiet, you will find the answers you’ve been searching for, the secrets are revealed, mysteries unravel, solutions are found and new ideas are born. It is there the sleeping genius is discovered and is awaken.

In solitude, we can see tomorrow, and its infinite possibilities, we can forge the reality we want. Our imagination excites and can dream and conceive marvels and things that are not and never was are revealed. In solitude the foundation of these marvels, your desired future is laid.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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