Looking For Purpose? Don’t Look Any Further

purposeWe Search

People spend or rather waste their lives and time in search of reasons and purpose to life and in life.  We seek answers, the answers to life and of who we are, or what we are supposed to be.  In misdirection and miseducation we look in all the wrong places and look to the wrong people.  In our desperation we drift through life, living on chance, wishing and awaiting favorable conditions that never are, and they never come. We search for saviors and leaders, only to be used and misled, only to be disappointed.  With successes rarely seen; and experienced if at all purely by chance they happen vaguely and  far and few, and when they do we count ourselves lucky;  and bad luck and misfortune like a shadow ever-present, ever looming like a dark cloud that seem to always follow us.

Where Did It Begin?

All of us are born innocent and free; innocent of the burdens of expectations places on us by the world and free to decide our lives, our purpose, our destiny.  We are all here to live happily and create a world of our own, to realize what we dare to dream without limits. When we were children our imagination was endless; endless in what we thought we could do and what we thought we could become, there was nothing beyond us, our capacity to dream was vivid in color and it was amazing and unbridled.  As kids there was nothing impossible. We were then introduced to a new and dull world of impossibilities, the wonder the magic of life were all slowly removed and replace with doubt and a rut-filled day-to-day existence, in which we must fall in line, we are to do as we are told, we do not question and we dare not dream.

What We Don’t Know

We then grew up and joined the collective existence, as adults we smother our ability to dream we ignore the call of our desires and have decide that they are unrealistic and unattainable. We live or lives by the flip of a coin, by hope, luck and providence.   We stop daring to go pass the boundaries that have been set up for us and by us.  We exist, but we are not living.

What we don’t realize is that the magic, the powerful creative force of imagination still exist within all of us; it sleeps awaiting its time of awakening.  In there we can fuel and fan our spark of desire, we can let the brilliance of our vision light the way; in there we can find the genius that sleeps.

What we don’t seem to understand,  is that the answers to the question of purpose and life is with in us, it is us. We don’t have to ask anyone or require their approval. Our destiny is ours to decide.  We need not look any further.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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