It is said all the world loves a winner, well maybe most of the world, and why not there is something seemingly magical about winners, the swagger, the flow of confidence, the charisma. The love the respect given by others. They are the heroes the ones we look to and look up to.  What’s not to love?  We seldom see the flaws, faults, and temporary defeats which maybe many. No one sees the hard work the tears, no one feels their pain all the things the parts that go together to create success and the successful.

Winners win, it’s their job it is what they do; they always come out on top they reap the rewards, they achieve.  They are the very embodiment of success, they win almost all the time, and  sometimes strangely, even when they lose they still seem to win.  It is as if they were born with this special quality in their blood, as if design and specially tuned to do one thing.  To win.  Winners though it may not seem like it have problems like everyone else the difference lie in the way they view and respond to problems; for most of us a simple problem can stop us dead in our tracks, we panic or freeze when face with problems, in our eyes they are mountainous, way bigger that they actually are. The achiever builds and not break under pressure, they are made and are made better by it.

The winner deals with whatever comes their way, they knows that problems come, and with a little push they go, they know the answer is in finding solutions, and not in worrying.  The winner does not complain about circumstance or what or who is fair or unfair it does not matter, because life is not and never was fair.  They know that the fight, the struggle is ongoing and is all part of life, they don’t fear it if necessary they bring the fight. Winners make decisions, they know the value of hard work and persistence.

The winner never questions if it is possible, or question their abilities, they never wonder if they can, they know if they can’t do it then it can’t be done, they know if they can think, dream or conceive it then it will be without fail or fear of failure. They love the challenge, they love to explore the unknown and to conquer the fear.

Winners never ever quit!


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