selfWe spend so much valuable time observing analyzing and criticizing each other, what they do and how other people live their lives. We know what everyone else is doing wrong, we could always point out the problems and faults and mistakes of others.  We have all the answers we know how to fix the problems. With all that time wasted delving in to the lives of others we seldom spear a second to reflect and scrutinize or own shortcomings. Our own faults and inadequacies are made invisible because we prefer to ignore and minimize them. Our faults our mistakes are cloak by feelings of  self-importance, self-superiority. We refuse to see the truth, we refuse to see our own nakedness.

If you’re to grow and achieve you must take a look at yourself  through the eyes of truth. Go ahead strip, see yourself the true you, without those rose-colored glasses and see the true colors of yourself. Strip away self-importance and self-superiority strip away the guilt and shame of the pass.  See you and not what you choose to see, not what they say you are.  See your beauty that is  your strength the things you can build on, the place where you thrive;  even more important see your fragility your weaknesses, all that is holding you back, the things the parts of yourself that can break you.

Self-Critiquing  is not about criticizing but examine your life asking critical questions, are you on the right track? Are you where you wanted to be? Are you making progress? Is this the life you wanted?  It is important to frequently evaluate yourself, your progress and your performance.  It is finding those elements of yourself and life that are holding you back, finding those areas where you are deficient. This is your chance to see your faults and flaws to find remedies and solutions and close the back doors of defeat and failure.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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