Dream girl

Dreamers are often looked down on by the world criticize by and well-meaning friends and family; they are often a butt of ridicule and amusement. They are unique and extraordinary full of potential but are never understood, the are made to feel shame and abnormal, they feel out-of-place like they don’t fit in anywhere, and at times all they ever have is the hope of the dream. They are at most times or more-so always over looked and never taken seriously, their worth is never seen unless of course they be come successful then they are much appreciated.

The dreamer is the driving engine of civilization, across the ages, generation after generation, innovations and continuous advancements are made by those who dream. Think of a world without the dreamer, a world without cars, flight, television, no music no books no doctors.  The very evolution of civilization is dependent on the dreamer in all aspects of life in every study and every industry.

The imagination is the instrument the machinery and workshop of the dreamer it works overtime without fatigue.  It is in there you will find the masterpieces of art, literary works that will top of every best sellers list, and wonders to be seen.  The imagination is the sources of reality of all things good and bad, it is there the futures waits to be express.

Two Types Of Dreamers

They are mainly two types of dreamers, on one side you have the passive dreamer and on the other side you have the active dreamer.  The passive dreamers exist as a shackled drone in a dull reality  and spend most of their life in a dream.  Their dreams never live either because they lack the faith in self, lack faith in their dreams or they allow people to tell them what can and can not be.

The active dreamer never hears the voice of those that say “it is impossible”.  Their dreams are brilliance and so vivid they can see clearly they believe and know the dream can be.  They are consumed by it, they build a flame of desire that will blaze through any obstacle on its way to self-ordained destiny.   Against all opposition they will the dream to reality. They do what they have to they work and persist, they do not give up.




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