The Chance

Cogli l'occasione - Pick (and take) a chance

There are some of us who spend time preparing and waiting, waiting for the right time, for things to get better for that moment , that one surreal moment  where all thing are equal and the universe will work in your favor.  We wait for some kind of magic some divine intervention for luck and this seldom happens; and when our wish come to nothing we comfort ourselves, in saying and we thinking it was not meant to be, it is not for us. We are content to fool ourselves with the notion that our lives are preordained and what ever will be will be and there is nothing we can do about it. We settle for the random acts of life we call luck or accept being the victim of constant change. We accept whatever condition meandering through life offers us either because we give up or just don’t have the guts to go after our dreams. The prosperity that was to be never was or  ever will be, our idea of happiness lives only in fantasies and our dreams never breathe. And so we continue waiting.

Instead of making and taking the chances we need, the chances that are necessary for the life we want, we leave the outcome of our lives our hopes and dreams to chance. Little do we know, little do we understand that the moment the chance we are wishing praying and waiting for can be made just as we want, it can put in its appearance at any time we choose if we so desire , if we decide that it has to be so, out of nothing out of the chaos of life we can create the desired reality, we can lay the platform for our success.

Get one thing straight this is our life we only live once, it is our right our duty to make it happen, or happiness and prosperity is dependent on us. It is all on us if we fail there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We must take every opportunity, every advantage every chance, where there is none we must make them.  The fabled perfect moments are rarities, things of novels and movies, if you ever had a perfect opportunity a perfect moment consider yourself one of the fortunate few. It is best to rely on our ingenuity use every available resource to make the moment we want.


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