Conquer Or Be Conquered

The Knight at the Crossroads by Viktor Vasnetsov

This world this life has promised nothing whether good or bad to anyone. And if you choose to just let life happen it goes one way or the other without favoritism or prejudice, without regards to your wants or needs. Life is and life happens. If left to chance, or depending upon a wish, then you have to take what you get, and you get exactly what you deserve, chances are you wont be happy, but then you should not complain cause it is all you have worked towards. Do nothing, get nothing, be nothing. Nothing  of worth is ever gained by doing nothing.

When you look to chance and wishes for the life you want, prepare to be disappointed. If you expect life to reward you with success without putting in the necessary work, you are delusional and should see a specialist. It works like this desire + work + persistence = success, that is the proven formal that works. No amount of wishing, praying or any other activity you think you can rely on will not yield the desired results.  Demands are not answered, dreams can not be realized unless you say so,  it won’t happen unless you decide. When you decide that your present situation is not enough, when you realize that there is more to life and you are capable of doing and achieving more than this. When you decide that you deserve so much more, you deserve the best all that is possible. When you decide to take control.

Conquer Means Control

Learn to control yourself and you will control your life, and life will yield the growth you want and need.  Controlling yourself mean knowing who you are, what you want, believing in yourself and knowing the possibilities are endless and the limits are made only by you. Controlling yourself means keeping focus on your needs and wants, your vision, never deviating or procrastinating. controlling yourself means being disciplined and setting boundaries for self; it is making a standard and maintaining that standard. Controlling yourself mean having an order to your life, if there is to be growth there has to be order. Controlling yourself mean prioritizing knowing what is important and what comes first, it means showing up and being on time, Controlling yourself means conquering yourself.

Conquer or be Conquered

The choice is, either you have it your way, or life and the world will have its way with you. Without compassion or consideration you will be shredded, beaten and broken by an uncaring and unremorseful world and Unconcerning life. If you fail to take charge of your life, if you fail to be self-conquered, then prepare to the victim of, life’s constantly changing circumstances, for which you will always be unprepared for, both the good and bad. Prepare to be a victim of choice, the choices of others only including you to be used as pawn in their game. Be prepared to be Conquered.

Conquer yourself, and you will conquer your life.


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