Isn’t it a curious thing, we are all born in to this world knowing nothing, a blank page full of wonder. We believe in nothing but believe everything and anything.  We could fly with the help of some magic of course, then there was Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, what a child would believe.  We as children would dream, our imagination vivid and without limits, we could see forever and it was beautiful, we truly believe we could do anything. There was no such thing as impossible. Then we grew, and the dulling and mind numbing effect of this world started to take hold. Our age of innocence over, our belief in self corrupted we learned to doubt and question ourselves and our capacity to dream and imagine, and with that our creativity stifled. They clipped our wings and told us we could not fly, they told us it was impossible. The ingrained in our minds all the thing they considered impossible, we were taught all the ways it will not work, what we can and can not do, we are supposed to keep our heads down and toe the line.  When we decide act on our desires, to plot a course to greatness, we are saying to them toeing the line to us is impossible.

Of impossibilities, you have been told time and time again anything is possible; you have read about it in books “what ever the mind can believe it can achieve”, you heard it said on TV and in the movies “if you only believe” but yet….   What will it take? granted maybe I’m wrong and they that say you can’t, maybe they are right; but what will it take for you to believe in yourself, to believe in your dream, to believe you can soar?  What will you lose if you believe anything is possible? The way I see it take nothing to believe, you lose nothing of value when you believe, you stand to gain so much more than just your dreams when you believe.

What’s impossible?  Nothing and scientific theory agrees, it is said all things are possible if given enough time. People set their own limits and decide the possibilities, they decide what will and will not work.

What’s impossible? absolutely nothing, the very word says it all, I’m-possible.

What’s impossible? that is for you to decide





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