Deadly Sins of Life and Success

The Seventh Deadly Sin

What do you expect in life? What do you ask of life? It is not enough to say you want lots of money or a big house.  Your vision of what you want must be clear. You must chart a course that will ultimately lead to your vision of success; you must have a plan or plans and you must follow through on those plans, decisions must be made. If you are to have the kind of life you want, if there is to be success you must avoid these deadly sins.

Laziness – Not working, the habit of not doing anything, productive for no good reason other than it is easier not to.

Living life on autopilot – Drifting with no fixed destination, leaving your life, your future to chance, luck, or providence, in other words you settling for whatever comes your way.

Not having self-control – The act of giving yourself and your life over to pleasures and indulgences, the things that have little or no value, living carefree and without discipline.

Not having ambition – Not having goals or a burning desire for greatness.  Without purpose, life is wasted.

Procrastination – The habit of putting off an action, the things that must be done, until later. And later never comes.

Faithlessness – Not having faith in oneself, failing to believe and know that you can achieve all that you can conceive and believe.

Indecisiveness – Not being able to make a decision, being between two minds unable to make up your mind.

Quitting –  Not finishing what you started, giving up when conditions get tough; you quit on your dreams and yourself,  you quit on your life.


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