The Phoenix effect (the rise of the phoenix)


English: Phoenix, Mythological bird Greek: Φοί...


Crash and Burn


You were doing O.K, going aimlessly wandering through life with no real destination. Until you turned your attention to the deafening call of your dreams, you made your decision, you made your plans, you believed, you took that leap but instead of flying you found yourself falling. You tried, you gave it your all, and all you tried still you found yourself falling.


This free-falling will happen when you decide to redirect your life in the direction of your dreams. This seems to be part of the process, as soon as you begin to re-position yourself,  just as you begin to finally get a grip on the reins of your life, your destiny, your whole world start to quake, you start to stumble, you fall into what seems like a bottomless-pit of problem after problem and you plummet gathering speed as you and the force of gravity become intertwine.


And so you continue to fall, with no end insight, gabbing and clutching at any and everything, but still you fall until you come to an abrupt but welcomed halt, your fall broken by the ground in what was once thought of as a bottomless pit. You have finally stop falling you have now hit rock-bottom, you have crashed and burned. Burnt to a cinder, you lie there, ashes, broken and smoldering. You have never been here before, never this dejected and broken.




With no place to go but up you begin the next phase the rebirth; from what you were, you will become something new. Driven by sheer will and a dream that pleads for life you strive for success. Out of the ashes of your pass, of who you were; your failed attempts at success, your defeats, from your mistakes, of time wasted, you start to rebuild. You rebuild on the remnants, the ashes, on the wounds; you rebuild on your experiences. You know what it is to fail, to fall, you know what it is to lose, you know the bitter taste of defeat. You know what it is like to be broken, to gasp for breath in the thin suffocating air of despair. You have learned and will continue to learn from your mistakes and other lessons life has to offer. With this you rebuild, with your even more intense desire and now blinding vision, with tenacity you will rebuild something new, something stronger.




Out of fire and desolation, like the phoenix from the ashes you rise, you emerge, more determine now than ever before, this time you can not fail. You stand ready for the many battles ahead, you will not be defeated not this time. You stand poised to take what’s yours, you will have it all or nothing.  No one or nothing can stop you, nothing can stand in the way of you or your dream. You face the world, your fears, you face the headwinds.

Like the phoenix you die, you crash and burn. Then you take flight, you rise again.




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