English: A rock, the ocean and the boys, who n...

You’ve tried and it would appear that you have failed, you crashed-out. It did not turn out to be what you expected, in your vision through your eyes you saw yourself flying high, living your dream but yet here you are, floundering. You stumbled you fell fast and you fell hard, you are now at rock-bottom and it hurts. How did you get here any way? You did the work, put in the time you gave it your all, by all accounts you should be steadily climbing the ladder of success. With all that fire inside, the scorching heat of your desire you should be on fire, you should be unstoppable. But you’re not, in fact you are in a seemly worse position than you were before you started out on your mission. How did you get here?

You need to understand that at times when a person is in pursuit of achievement, with all the necessary preparations in place with best and well thought out plans even when they do all they can think of, they maybe met with defeat, this defeat though it maybe protracted is only temporary. This is part of the phoenix effect, in which you must crash and burn and  emerge from the ashes anew before you can attain success. In your effort to effect change, you manage to upset the balance in your life that was, therefore a new you and a new balance must be forged. It is important that you do not give-up, that you do not quit not now, this not the end,on the contrary this is the begin of what could be something extraordinary, but you will never know it if you stop now.

Being at rock-bottom there is nowhere to go, you can stay there and wallow in self-pity, or you can get moving.  There is only one direction from rock-bottom and that is up, look up rekindle that fire that now smolders, let it blaze once more; close your eyes see the vision, your future, all that you have decided will be, remember why, remember your objective.  Look up see the sky, see the sun the moon the stars see them all and reach for them. It’s all yours what ever you dream of, the world if you want it. It’s yours.

Rock-bottom is a fresh start


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