Drawing The Line


,., decision making




Lines are drawn throughout life whether we choose to recognize it or not, at some point and time in our lives we are beneficiaries of lines drawn by society and at times we can be victims of these lines, depending on which side of the line you are on. Most lines are seen as negative because they are used to divide, separate and exclude and oppress people for one reason or another; like in the case of race, class or sexual orientation. These people who are seen as being on the wrong side of line are marginalize and are often not afforded the same rights as others on the other side. These kind of lines can be destructive. Laws are also lines draw by society, to protect and keep order in society, cross thees lines and there are penalties.

Line can be used to compartmentalized our lives, we separate and put what goes where, we prioritize our lives as a means of creating order.  In our personal lives we draw our own lines; we draw a line with our principles, our standards or morals, a line that say here and no further.  The decisions we make can be life changing, they can be so profound that it draws a line that will forever separate the person you were and the person you are now or the person you are going to be, a line that marks a change in our life. The choices we make have the potential to catapult us beyond our dreams, the line drawn will be that line that separate winners from losers.


Where to draw the line


Draw the line that defines you; draw this line with a decision that  will change your life for the better, a life accentuating more than just your needs, a life that accentuates your wants and desires.


Separate the personal from the professional,  know when to excuse your opinions, biases and emotion out of business, most of times they are not even needed, they could cloud your judgment and lead to bad decision-making.


Draw the line at selling at any price offered, or lowering your standards, if you don’t you will lose all the credibility, and respect you have.


There must be a line that separates business and friends, the mixing of the two can cause problems if there are difficult decisions to be made, having to choose between the two will prove to be problematic.


Even if your business is games, your business is not a game, leave the pleasures for after business, the business comes first if you are to be a success.






Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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