Dream girl

There must be vision, it must come first if there is to be prosperity, if there is to be happiness.  You must have a vision of what you want, a vision of what you want to be, where you want to be. You must have a vision of happiness.  Without vision there is nothing, without vision you will have nothing.  Before there are plans, before there is action, before there is success, there first must be the vision.


A vision is a vivid mental image of  your dreams, ambitions, a projection of a wanted or needed reality. A vision is a creations of the imagination, of a possible reality, of the things that could be if given the chance of life.

A vision is knowing what you want, it is having a mental picture of the thing you want being able to see it, feel it, smell it, taste it as if you are already in possession of it, like it’s yours.  It is your goal or goals in life. It is that dazzling unwavering light at the end of the tunnel, which keeps you transfixed as you labor tirelessly, steadily, and onward towards it.  It is the unceasing all-consuming dream; a burning desire, a constant reminder for the reason, of why you do what you do, why you go through the stress the struggle, why you get up in the morning, why you fight. The reason for breathing.  The visions we have of our lives, is the meaning to life, for each and every one of us.   It gives us purpose, it makes us feel fulfilled, it gives sense of importance.

Having a vision of the thing you want and always keeping it in the forefront of your thoughts always in focus will generate the will power  and the energy that is necessary to drive you its attainment. Your vision must be the center of attention, you should revolve around it, it should dictate your every actions.  Your vision should have dominance, it should take precedence in your life if it is to be realized; like a large mass in space, your thoughts and the flow of your life and all you do should be in synergy gravitating towards it.

A Life Without a Vision

A life without vision is like a ship without a rudder adrift on the sea, the sea of life.  It is a life on auto-pilot.  You are adrift unsure of where your going, fighting and losing because you don’t why you fight or know what you are fighting for. Without purpose, fight all you will, you will never win.  You have no burning desire, which should be the center of your personal universe, so that gravitational pull that would align and guide you towards your chosen destiny is nonexistent.   And so you drift.

 What is your vision?



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