The Awesome Power of Words

what are word for?

what are word for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)




I truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than words. Words have a special powers above all others. The power to cause and effect, the power to captivate, to inspire, the power to change, words can make great leaders, with words great leaders can have countless followers. We express our thoughts our emotions, ourselves by our words and so we are defined by the words we use. The things we say can have a greater effect than our actions; to the world we are our words and we are judged by the words we use. What we say and how we say it, can have an effect on people desired or otherwise, we can influence them, bring them in to us; we can win their love, respect and loyalties, or push them away, earning us their disapproval their hate. How we say and what we say, can make or break us, our use of words can open doors for us or we can have them closed.


People Of Words


Politicians, lawyers, religious leaders, con artist, are masters of the effective use of words. Words are the tools of their trade, they can use words to sway and seduce people into doing and thinking what they want them to.  Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King had only their words.


A lover uses word to express and profess love, overemphasizing in an effort to lure and attain the love of the one desired.


Con artist, use the power of words to gain the confidence and exploit their victims.


Door to door sales men and their families lives and any chance of prosperity depended on their ability to sell.  Any good sale person worth their weight has to be able to make the sale; they must convince the purchaser that what they are selling is the best and a must have. The only thing they have to work with, their only strength is their words.


Great leaders and the successful and the success-minded can use words to enlist the aid of other, they can use their words to influence and create a harmony and cooperation with others. The world remember great leaders and quote them.






!!!!WARNING!!! Choose How You Use Words


Your mouth can get you to places money would not, to the places and to the things money can not buy, your mouth can also get you in big trouble. We should all think twice before we speak, once words have left our mouths that’s it we can not take them back we no matter how hard we try.  Sticks and stones can break bones, but words can cut through to the heart and soul, words can hurt. Words stick in the minds and are Written to the hearts of people they can make and build relationships, or fracture sometimes beyond repair or completely destroy them.


Your use of words can forge links build bridges and open doors that are need and can aid in your bid for success, or you can have those doors shut in your face, permanently closed , and bridges burned, through ill use of words.


We can talk our way into the hearts, minds and the will of people, words can get you to places where even the use of money and other devices won’t, they can change people’s perceptions and their thinking. Words can bring peace or they can start wars; words can cause more destruction than any weapon ever developed.


Words can cause damage that as hard as you try won’t heal, apologies and attempts at mending  will serve to be nothing more than a lesson in futility.




Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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