I Can’t, I Can

 Can’t, a word that is king of the losers vocabulary, a word that is seasoned into the subconscious of every failure. It is a word that I absolutely hate it does not exist it is a word created by failures for failures. Every failure knows all he or she can’t do, knows all the things than can’t be, knowing all the ways It can’t be done.  I can’t or it can’t comes to lips of every loser even before ever trying, knowing you can’t is to fail. Your thinking and speaking defines you and your life, who and what you are and where you are going. Your reality, your everyday way of living is a result of your way of thinking.  The way you think opens you to prosperity or constant defeat. I can’t or I cannot leaves no room for I can or I will, it leaves no room for victory. You can’t ever win, you can’t get what you want or find what you are looking for because you have decided that you can’t.

But you want and you want to win.


Think of the many times you thought you can’t only to be pushed by someone or something, and you cornered and having no choice, you discover that you can; only to ignore the important lesson that should have been learned, instead you go back to the rut the same unproductive routine.

You can’t because you say so, you can’t because you think so. You need to adopt a can-do attitude and you will overcome self-doubt, unrecognized fears and limits we have created or others have created for us which keep us boxed in, that fence that you think is keeping you safe in nothing more than an obstacle keeping you from your goals and your full potential. You can, say you can, know you can, because you say so it will be so.

When “they” say you can’t don’t tell them, blow their minds shatter what they know or what they thought was reality, show them you can; let them know what possible is, show them that with the power of will and a burning desire, nothing can stand in your way, show them you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

When you think you can, when you know it without a question you can and you will achieve.  You must develop a strong faith in yourself and your ability to accomplish whatever you dream of.  I can, must be imbedded firmly in your mind, and your success will be etched in stone.


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