Good days, Bad days



I like the good days and I love the bad days. I enjoy those good days, those rare days when everything seem right; and relish in conquering the bad days, those days when it come in threes snags,hitches, and setbacks; but victory is so F-ing sweet. Every day is different and each day bring with it unknown possibilities and opportunities, if you are ready for them and know how to spot them then they are all yours. Each day brings neutral seeds that have the potential for good or bad, it can go either way nowhere is it set in stone, days are not sealed by fate, nothing preordained. They are no good days or bad days, just days of life of our lives, how they go is up to you, to us.



Expect the unexpected, nothing is promised be ready for whatever comes your way.

Stop, take a deep breath take a look around, take it all in, all the good and the bad, smile and know that you can take whatever life can throw, you were built for the fight, to thrive to succeed.

Be open to possibilities and the opportunities life and each day brings, this can only be done with an open mind, a mind –

  • Free of expectations, no one knows what each day brings, you can’t control it, you can only control how you respond to what comes your way.
  • Free of prejudices, be open to people and situations and let them show you what they have to offer.
  • Free of negativity, negativity brings nothing of worth no value, it reproduces its self and brings destruction.
  • Free of self-superiority, thinking that you are better than someone or everyone else.Never let one bad incident spoil the day, momentary misfortunes will occur, but they won’t last forever, face and manage all problems and overcome them, you are bigger than your problems, see them for what they are and crush them.

    Believe in yourself, and your capability to cope with any situation and get things done. If you can’t do it, then It can’t be done.

    Live each day like it’s the first, so dress to impress let your attitude be at its best, positive thoughts will bring positive actions.

    Live each day like it’s the last, put off nothing, make each minute count, like there is no second chances.

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