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Dreams (Photo credit: яғ ★ design)

Dreams, and dreamers, are the light of the world they are the future and all that it can be,  and all that we hope to be.  Aspiration, those things the yearning for something more doing something great, things that are not but with will can be, make their first appearance in the limitless fertile creative part of the mind, the imagination; there you will see beginnings, visions of all that is possible all that has not yet been thought of before but has possibility.  Unfortunately most dreams don’t find their way into reality but live and die in the mind of one who is a dreamer and nothing more.  To the success minded, the dreamer who is willing to work, and has a strong faith in self, and is persistent with an obsessive desire will bring to fruition the dream. Dream-realization takes work, dreams are quiet and can often seem aloof, it is not for the losers or the lazy, the wishers, but for achievers go-getters, those driven to success those who have what it takes.

Dreams are great to have they give purpose to life, a reason to get up in the morning; and for the dreamer, dreams are the reason for life, perhaps life itself and they have the potential for greatness far beyond what was first envisioned; the potential to touch the lives of millions if not all, to make life better, easier or worth living for all those it touches, the potential to change the  world or just the world of the dreamer, and the dream will live on.

Don’t ever doubt that dreams can come true, the world around us is built on dreams, all around us are the products and byproducts of dreams the luxuries and necessities of life are born from the dreams of men and women. Day after day people live and bring life to their dreams, we know it is all possible but we allow others, our beliefs and circumstances of life to restrict our lives, and limit our belief in ourselves and our ability to carve out our own destiny; we look for direction outside ourselves, we allow others to control to tell us what we can and can not do, how we should live, they don’t know us or care, yet we allow them to decide for us. They kill our dreams.

So dream on and believe that it can be, put one foot in front of the other and know that with every step it will be. Dream and make it reality, a better than this, a better here and now, a better you, a better world, dream of prosperity of life the way you want it to be, what you desire. Dream and give life to your dreams, once given breath dreams will take on a life of its own they don’t die they will live on even after the dreamer has long gone, it can survive and flourish and evolve into something new. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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