Decision, Indecisive

Making a decision is knowing what one wants, to be firm in making choices without hesitation, with confidence in yourself. The act of making a decision may sound simple, but it is a challenge for far too many people. Being “between minds” unable to make a decision is a product of fear, usually fear of making the wrong decision, fear of the results, of what “they” will say; being indecisive will lead to failure. Being unable to choose, to decide, to be sure of self and make up your mind, being “between minds,” is also a form of procrastination, constantly think and over thinking your options, all this mind shifting leaves you doing very little accomplishing nothing, it’s a path that takes you to nowhere, but to stagnation, lack of growth and a lack of progress. When given choices, when faced with the cross roads in life, making an immediate and prompt decision is crucial, it could make the difference between winning and losing, prosperity and misery.

Successful people and good effective leaders are sure-footed with every step they take, and are able to make decisions without second guessing themselves. They know exactly what they want, they look at all the factors, weigh the options and make definite decisions quickly when necessary, and are slow to change them if at all.

Being indecisive

  • Decisions will be made for you that most likely will not be in your best interest
  • You will fail at creating and accessing new opportunities
  • You will stumble though life at the mercy of chance
  • You will fail to acquire the things you want and need
  • You will fail at making a better future
  • You will fail at life
  • You will fail!!

 Decisions, when dreams end and success begin.  When decisions are made they can be life changing monumental. It’s that moment when you are sure, that moment, there is no looking back, no more thinking about it, it’s on, your vision has never been so clear, plans are being made and the action begin.

Make a decision

Get in the habit of making decisions, know what you want without the mind shifting, question or guessing.  When a decision is made you must stick with it, explore all the avenues, do all possible to see it to fruition, only change if all the avenues are exhausted. When you can make definite decisions the outcome is almost certain.


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