The Right Time is Right Now

clocksI’m waiting for the right time

Waiting for the right time is a form of procrastination we all do, We wait for the right time, to get something done or to do something special, putting off things for a special time, many times the “right time” never comes.  This is because we build in our minds ideals and project unrealistic expectations about the world around us, even though we know full-well the world does work like that, it does not revolve around us.  We forget the only thing we are in control of is ourselves, our lives our destiny. We are not in control of any of any others factors that may influence our lives and affect our plans, whether favourable or unfavourable, and so we can only react, to what ever situations life throws our way, we can also control how we react.

Time is of the Essence !!

If you are looking for the right time, they could never be a better time to start what ever it is you are holding out on, your endeavors, than right now!  Even if “times are hard” and or “times look uncertain“, guess what the times are never certain, you work with what you have.  Get started, preparation start in the mind, not daydreaming although some daydreaming is healthy, start by formulating, a well-organized plan and put your plan into action, prioritizes yourself and your life, use your time wisely. Know that the longer you wait, with each second that passes, if you haven’t done anything that moves you a bit closer to your goal, you are actually behind time, you are growing older and time is running out.

Waiting for the right time, could be a long time waiting for something that will never come.  Time waits for no one, you could be missing out on life and opportunities that may have presented themselves, and life and time will pass you by, leaving you just waiting.

The time is now!!

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