Dark days

If you want to shine like sun first you have to burn like it.

If you want to shine like sun first you have to burn like it

These are the days in never rains but pours

       -From the song “Under Pressure” by the band Queen

Dark days

The day that seem long over bearing and endless constantly under pressure Queen could not have said it better, “These are the days in never rains but pours.”  You do, you do and all you do seems in vain, it all seem to fails,and come to nothing. With every step forward its like you are walking backwards, this road is like a mine field stumbling block after stumbling block,  the more you fight, the more it tries to beat you it to submission and it will if you let it. These are the hits the bumps and bruises that either brake or build.

You want to shine like the sun be prepared to burn like it.  In difficult times all the positive words and motivational quotes seem to desert you along with the strength to keep going. The road to success, and the life that envisioned is not an easy road,In these trying times you can quit, fold and go home, or  smile endure and embrace it. Be your own hero pick yourself up and deal with it and whatever life throws your way, lift your head up and push on, fueled by the flames of your burning desire. take heart a new you is being forged.

Life’s Games

life has a way of playing tricks on you, hiding your goals, your desires, it teases you, it will test you, to see if you are worth it, if you can bear it.  life will make you work for what you want. Where as life may not be fair, life is just, and will give exactly what you ask once you pay the price. What do you want? How mush can you take?

Nothing in life is free, there is a price to be paid for anything that has value, the things that we want. Are you willing to pay the price. You want to achieve success, pay your dues.


Your Thoughts/Your Answers

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