Doing your best is not good enough!!!!

Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.   
―    Winston Churchill

Being your best can only get you so far, just doing your best could at most times only give rise to mediocrity. Usually when we say we are doing our best, we are really not, we are only scratching the surface of our ability to perform, and limiting our potential for success. Doing your best can bring some measure of success, and being your best is fine if you are willing to accept mediocre success.

Go beyond!

However if being moderately successful isn’t enough, if you want to be great, if you want to be number one, the one the others look to, then  being your best just won’t do.

You’ve got to go above and beyond, giving it your all. Go past your limits or what you thought were your limits. In pursuit of your dreams they can be no stops, no limits, only action and results.

Keep going untill you break and then go some more, you are a lot stronger than you know and if you break you will rebuild even stronger than you were before.

Being extraordinary doesn’t come from doing ordinary things.  Extraordinary comes doing things different, charting an uncharted path, you must set the standard.

You’ve gotta take the hits, get back up and take even more and keep moving forward. Every champion take more that their fair share of hits and loses before becoming the champ.

Learn to fight learn, learn to love the fight, remember what your fighting for. If you want it, if it’s worth something to you, then fight for it. victory is sweet.

Be aggressive, stop waiting for a break stop waiting for opportunity, where there is no opportunities make opportunities.

The climb to success is not easy it take careful planing, bulldog persistence, and an obsessive desire to realize the dream, to the point where you are not only driving but being driven by your subconscious to obtain your ultimate desire.


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